“The fabric of a people, unlock their social history. They speak a language which is silent and yet more eloquent than the written word” L.H. Morgan

This phrase had a particular strong meaning for me, and inspired the name of my shop.

My growing passion for vintage weavings and embroidered textiles and original carpets led to create sixteen years ago my shop « L’âme des tissus » offering unique and authentique pieces.

Through an extensive number of journeys in different countries, I discovered how sensitive I was about handmade fabrics from the past. Curious and enthusiastic, I began to build my own collection, opting for pieces having original designs, beautiful colors, good materials and tactile qualities.

I love to hunt and find items produced by people throughout their lives, unknown artists, revealing across centuries the mankind's skill and creativity.

I purchase the products in the country of origin, from people in the villages, little shops and markets in obscure areas where possible. I select original and authentic old pieces (fifty years old and older) that are one of a kind : handwoven wool rugs, ethnic clothing, tribal camel and horse covers, vintage nomad storage bags, textiles wall hanging hand embroidered and other old decorative items
Sometimes I find a few carpets special about their material quality, design and color.
Each item I have selected is Textile Art for me

Most of my selection is in good condition. Only few pieces have stains, little holes or repairs because of their age.

Dance and painting are my two other passions. I think that’s why I cannot resist to pick ethnic clothing and choose textiles as if they were paintings.

I love to share the beauty of my purchases with my customers. They are private people, decorators, interior designers, textiles editors, stylists, costumiers, collectors and museums having various nationalities.

My shop is located in Saint-Rémy de Provence (France, South east). It is a welcoming place where my customers can consult a large choice of ethnic tribal textiles and rugs books, past issues of the magazine HALI, enjoy looking at all the photos made during my travels and take time to discover my collection.

Welcome on my Etsy shop

Go and discover these beautiful textile art pieces to decorate your home !

You are free from any rules to use them in different ways : as a wall decoration, a curtain, a throw, a bedspread, a tablecloth and for a sofa or change the look of an armchair.
You can create your own style according to your personality and artistic sensibility by mixing them with other kind of textiles or carpets in any contemporary or traditional interiors. Each piece will embellish your home and enrich your life with meaning and beauty.