• Antique silk embroidered textiles

    At the late nineteenth century using silk embroidery technique to decorate was within everybody’s reach, both popular and common in Central Asia and silk embroidered textiles played an important role in the daily life and settled decorated costumes with silk embroidery.
  • Ikat textiles

    Ikat is a Malay-Indonesian term for cloth patterned by tie-dyeing technique, the word has come to describe both the process and the ikat textiles.
  • Antique nomadic textile

    The antique nomadic textiles of Central Asia reflect the cultural differences within the region, the interdependence of nomadic and settled people, the influence of other cultures over many centuries particularly as the Silk Road trade grew.
  • Antique decorative textile

    Actually, many museums contain permanent collection of antique decorative textiles. These antique weavings’ collections have examples of all kinds of techniques reflecting the variety of antique decorative textiles and reveal the wonderful handmade decorative textiles traditions held over centuries on the six continents.